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Customer Testimonials

As condo owners, Bill & I have anticipated the day we could identify a reliable local contact who exemplifies the quality and excellence we require.

We have waited for a certified, insured and reliable company to provide the type of personalized service we have needed since buying our property on St Maarten! We have vast experience with property management; therefore, our standards are high.

We give Pierre and CM Secure Services the highest recommendation possible. He has demonstrated that he can follow through with tasks given and responsibilities to take the best care and even go beyond what is expected of him to ensure your property is monitored as if it were his own.

William & Margaret Larcheid
Rainbow Beach Club, Cupecoy St Maarten
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I rented a condo in St. Maarten for 3 years, and Pierre McGrowther was the most consistent and kind security guard there protecting the grounds and the tenants. He was always helpful, even-tempered and calm under stressful situations. Over the past 2 years I have witnessed his professional growth in his role as a patrol officer at the medical school on the island having to diplomatically interact with a diverse, international population of faculty, staff and students. I highly recommend him for his integrity, professionalism, and soft-spoken, yet authoritative approach to solving problems. If I did own a condo or property in St. Maarten, Pierre and his company would be who I would entrust it to in my absence.

Dr. Margaret Colden
Resident of St. Maarten

As a condo owner in St Maarten who leaves my home vacant for weeks or months at a time, I rely on the peace of mind provided me by Pierre at CM Secure Services as an invaluable resource.

I know that I have someone upon whom I can entrust responsibility to efficiently resolve any problem arising from storms, earthquakes, or hurricanes. I am no longer concerned about water leaks, security or other potential emergencies that could arise.

It is also tremendously reassuring to have someone physically inspect and evaluate my property periodically for problems, thus ensuring that I have no need to worry about my substantial investment or the need to fly 3,000 miles to preserve and protect it.

It is a great relief and comfort to have Pierre, someone I trust and can thoroughly rely upon, present and located on site protecting my interests.

Scott Stevens, USA
Rainbow Beach Club, St Maarten

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